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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Lake Suigetsu 2006 / 2012 / 2014 Varved Sediment Core Projects web page. This page is designed to be the source for information on our projects.
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  1. Quick tour (click a picture icon or "Start slideshow" in the left panel)
  2. General information
    • Description of the core and the coring site (pdf)
    • Location map of Lake Suigetsu (ppt)
    • East Asian Monsoon system and the location of Lake Suigetsu (ppt)
    • Geological map of the Lake Suigetsu region (pdf and jpeg)
    • Aerial photos of Lake Suigetsu (jpeg)
    • Satellite photo (Google Maps)
    • 3D maps (satellite image and geological map, jpeg and MATLAB 3D animation
  3. Published figures
    • Nakagawa et al. (2011) QSR, Figs 1-13. (ppt)
  4. Public domain software
  5. Successful proposals
  6. Meeting
  7. Miscellanea
  8. Links
  9. Publications

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